Call Me When You Hear This Song

Call Me When You Hear This Song

Where would music be without break-ups? But breaking up at Starbucks is never ideal.

She started off by saying, "I want to see other people," which turned into, "I want to start seeing women," which really meant, I've been seeing a woman for the past two months. It was a three hour break-up followed by a two hour bus ride home (Yeah, she made me bus two hours just to break-up with me). On my way home I was writing down my thoughts trying to make sense of what just happened. It's funny how certain moments remind you that most of life is beyond your control. I got home and sat down at the piano (naturally) and somewhere in those words I found Call Me When You Hear This Song. At the time it seemed like it was something I wouldn't get over. But a couple more break-ups and a few songs later it's safe to say we're all still just trying to figure out where it is we're going.

And no, she still hasn't called.



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