Call Me When You Hear This Song EP / Part 2

Call Me When You Hear This Song EP / Part 2

We were just finishing up the EP when we reached out to Sean Brown with the idea of a short film. Part of his genius is really understanding the vision and finding a way to reel in his own personal style. He said he had the perfect leads in mind for it, Isabel and Miles. What really captivated us about the film aside from the aesthetic was the realness of it all. It felt as if we stumbled on something parallel to what we were feeling.

- Isabel

"I think part of the realness was because we kind of were in that process of separating. Him leaving for Los Angeles pursuing his dreams and me not knowing if we were going to survive it.

I kind of got used to waiting on him which wasn't always easy. I don't know if I will ever understand his mind. It's simple in a way but also complicated for someone like me who hasn't found THE purpose in life. That's probably one of the reasons why I fell in love with him. He is so dedicated to his passion, something I wish I had. Eventually he figured that he couldn't give me what I needed and deserved, which made him very unhappy and disappointment in himself.

Things got messy and unhealthy because of our frustration. Me and Miles never talked about the fact that we were going through a very similar process/story as the one you were telling on your album. Definitely something we were good at, not talking about the obvious just because we knew the truth would hurt. But I could feel his emotions and energy while shooting. It touched him as much as it touched me.

When we got asked to do the film I wasn't sure if I wanted to share our intimacy and love with the internet world. Not because of shyness but because I didn't know how much longer we were going to be together. The thought of having us as a couple in a video ‘forever’ kind of scared me.

I heard the music and kind of felt related to the lyrics, it was pretty clear I was going to say yes. We felt very connected to the songs which made me feel very emotional while shooting. I'm not used to showing vulnerability but Iva, Sean, and the whole team made it very easy to open up. It felt so welcoming and the energy was so positive and lovely.

To Sean and Iva...well, these two people are an inspiration for me. I’ve followed Sean and his work for years now and calling him a genius is an understatement. EVERYTHING HE DOES IS FIRE! Iva became a very good friend and I'm very thankful that you guys chose us."

Big thank you to Isabel for sharing.

Big thank you to Sean and Iva for continuing to inspire us with their work. We’re extremely lucky to continue to work with two true visionaries.


Watch the 'Call Me When You Hear This Song' short film below

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