Call Me When You Hear This Song EP / Part 1

Call Me When You Hear This Song EP / Part 1

I remember when we finished the EP, it was the first time we felt like we were on to something. It was our first body of work that felt cohesive, and sounded inspiring to us.

The songs fell into place almost by coincidence. They weren’t written in any particular order nor with the intent of becoming a body of work. They were more so strung together by the simple need to express the thoughts and emotions that accompany the arc of a relationship. The lyrics are very conversational, I think I was just trying to say all the things I wish I’d said during those times. Half the time you write songs it’s because you have to, you spin your thoughts and emotions into something simply to get them out. Every song on this EP was an expression of that sentiment. The magic is when you eventually realize there’s a concept or story in between. Some time during the process of putting the songs together we thought it would be cool to tell the story through film.

To be continued…



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