Hate That I Love You

Hate That I Love You

One of the challenging parts of creating music or just art in general is the desire to constantly push for something new and better. The days between releases are almost always spent looking for new sources of inspiration. Soon after finishing our first EP we started trying out new ideas for our next couple releases and Hate That I Love You was one of the first that sounded different from what we were doing in Call Me When You Hear This Song.

I think all our songs in some way are always inspired by the season. Although living with four seasons can be bittersweet it really does affect the tone of our music, sometimes in ways we don’t even realize at the time. Hate That I Love You was written in the weeks between the fall and the winter of 2019 and I think that comes across in the song. The tone is much darker, from the lyrics to the overall sound of the record, it's quite different from the tone of our previous release. This was the first time we felt like our music could take any shape it wanted to as long as the songs were honest and inspired us to keep pushing forward.



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